Vice President U Myint Swe presents victory flag to Myanmar Sports Team contesting in 19th ASEAN University Games

Date : 1 December, 2018



Vice President U Myint Swe, in his capacity as Patron of the 19th ASEAN University Games (AUG) Leading Committee addressed the Myanmar university sports teams which will be contesting in the 19th AUG at a ceremony held at the Wunna Theikdi Stadium (B) in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday, after which he handed over the victory flag to Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Union Minister for Education and Chairman of the same committee.

Firstly, the coaches, managers and members of the university sports team cordially introduced themselves to the Vice President.

Next, the Vice President addressed the ceremony, saying it was a proud historical moment for Myanmar to be hosting the AUG for the first time. The 19th AUG will be held for ten days from 10 to 19 December 2018, he said.

He called for the sports team to give their utmost, united efforts to garner more medals than in previous games so that the Myanmar university sports teams could have a more successful history of accomplishments.
He said Myanmar accepted the honor of hosting the AUG in that regard and has set the motto ‘Youth and Friendship’. He said prominent sports competitions like the AUG also support the promotion of ‘international friendship’ and opportunities for building bridges of understanding, trust, good relations and cultural exchange among the ASEAN brethren.

The Vice President asked the university sports teams to swear they would try their utmost to have their victory flag flying proudly in each contest at the 19th AUG. The Vice President expressed his belief that with only 9 days left till the 19th AUG, the university sports teams were well prepared in regard to their strategies, stamina, skills, standards and spirit to represent their country. He requested the athletes to exert perseverance, diligence and persistent effort based on nationalism and patriotism and to display full sportsmanship while adhering to the rules of the competition.

The Vice President also expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs, well-wishers and sports enthusiasts on behalf of the nation for willingly providing help and support to host and compete in the 19th AUG.

He instructed the sports teams to treat the athletes from other countries with team and family spirits, and to conduct themselves with the appropriate customs and traditions of Myanmar.
The Vice President concluded his speech by urging the sports team to ‘keep the battle flag flying even when there is nothing but the bare hull left’ and try their very best.

Next, the Vice President presented the National Flag of Myanmar to Union Minister and Leading Committee Chairman Dr. Myo Thein Gyi for the victory of the university sports team competing in the 19th AUG.

The Union Minister then explained about the preparedness of the university sports team for competing in the 19th AUG.

Following this, donors handed over donations to the Union Minister, who handed back honorary certificates in return.

Afterwards, the Vice President cordially greeted the managers, coaches and athletes of the university sports teams and gave words of encouragement.

Attending the ceremony were Leading Committee Chairman and Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Union Civil Service Board Chairman Dr. Win Thein, Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman Dr. Myo Aung, Deputy Minister U Win Maw Tun, Permanent Secretaries, directors-general, university rectors, chairs and secretaries from Myanmar sports associations, donors, and the university sports team with their leaders and coaches. —MNA

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