Children’s Literary Festival, Book Exhibition, and Sale (Tachilek) kicks off

Date : 26 June, 2019


Opening ceremony of Children’s Literary Festival, Book Exhibition and Sale jointly organized by Information and Public Relations Department, Basic Education Department and Tachilek District Management Committee was held at Tachilek Basic Education High School in Maka Ho Khem Ward yesterday morning.
First, former President U Htin Kyaw, Union Ministers Dr Pe Myint, Dr Myo Thein Gyi and Nai Thet Lwin, Shan State Chief Minister Dr. Linn Htut, state minister for development affairs U Sai Son Sai, state minister for Bama ethnic affairs Dr Aung Than Maung and outstanding students cut the ceremonial ribbon to open the Children’s Literary Festival, Book Exhibition and Sale event.
Next, former President U Htin Kyaw, Union Ministers, State Chief Minister, students and officials took commemorative group photo.
Afterwards, the second part of the opening ceremony was started in the school hall by students singing Children’s Literary Festival theme song.
Former President U Htin Kyaw delivered a speech saying the day will be a memorable and happy day for children in Tachilek.
Children’s Literary Festivals are beneficial as well as memorable for children. In the world, country and people that read develops more. Therefore, the government is holding Children’s Literary Festivals with an aim to increase the literary experience and knowledge of the children who are the future leaders of the country.
As of date Children’s Literary Festivals were learnt to be held at the Union level in 9 locations and state/region level in 48 locations. The main aim of the festival is for the children to be happy, enjoy reading and develop life-long learning thoughts. The other aim was to know the benefit and essence of working together and participating in the Children’s Literary Festival.
From reading, children will get to know things that they hadn’t known. Children who are future leaders must enjoy reading and consider literature as a friend. Parents and teachers are required to support and encourage for that thought to be instilled in the children. Parents and teachers are required to have reading rooms for the children, establish libraries for children, children to read and have access to good books.
On the part of the authors and writers, they are requested to write appropriate, knowledgeable and thought strengthening books for the children. The role of printers and publishers who’ll print and distribute such literatures and books to the children is also important.
Printers are to use papers, colors and pictures that raise the curiosity and interest of the children as well as print affordable books. Distributors are take reasonable profits and ensure that the books were within reach of the children.
Furthermore, as Children’s Literary Festival include discussions and talks that develop and strengthen the children’s knowledge and thought process as well as activities and sports competitions that develop and strengthen their physique, through participating and cooperating together with others their spirit of cooperating and working together will be enhanced. Having story telling competition in ethnic national languages is a very good point. Ethnic nationals live together in our country and all were our siblings. To understand one another requires understanding the traditions of ethnic nationals.
In an age where technology develops, children were using internet. Elders and parents are to ensure that children use the internet properly. Just as books and literatures are friends, internet is also a good friend if properly used.
Parents and teacher are urged and requested to help and support children to read good books and literature to become good future leaders for the country’s development said the former President.
In his speech to the event Union Minister for Information Dr Pe Myint said three years had passed holding Children’s Literary Festivals. Three years ago it was a novelty but now it had become a festival well known to all. Our aim was for the people to have an understanding that there’s to be literature activity related to children in our country. That was why these festivals were held.
Children’s Literary Festivals were held at Union level and state/region level. Tachilek is believed to be a town enthusiastic and keen on literature. Literary talks were held every year in Tachilek. I personally participated and two such talks said the Union Minister.
In holding this event, local elders were found to participate enthusiastically. Elders and parents are urged to hold the two days Children’s Literary Festival so that children can participate. The aim of this festival was to produce happy, good natured, knowledgeable youngsters who are sociable, who can work together with others and are kind and understanding towards others. This in fact is establishing the future of our country. As such all are urged to support and assist the holding of Children’s Literary Festival for the children whenever there’s an opportunity added the Union Minister.
Later Union Minister for Education Dr. Myo Thein Gyi also spoke of the importance of peace for the country as only through peace can there be development. The basic for peace and development is education and thus efforts were made toward providing quality education. It is also important to live and do things peacefully, work together and to learn the official language.
Therefore it is important to encourage the inclusion in the regional curriculum the history, geography, culture and economy of the ethnic nationals in the region. Support will be provided toward including geography, history, culture and economy of the region in the regional curriculum at the six levels of fourth to ninth standards.
Bright and outstanding youths must be nurtured toward becoming competitive internationally. It is important that these youngsters are outstanding in the subjects they are interested. To be outstanding and competitive internationally, their English language skill is important.
In the 20th century the ability to speak, read and write well in English allows a person to stand tall internationally. In the 21st century this had changed. Being technically learnt with English doesn’t ensure international cooperation, working together and to have good economic relation. It is important to learn the language of neighboring countries as well as the language of the country that is economically strong in the region, said Dr Myo Thein Gyi.
Following this Union Minister for Ethnic Affairs Nai Thet Lwin said children are very simple and are at an age where they can be colored in any color. Depending upon the path they took, their lives will become good or bad. Therefore parents, teacher and elders need to teach good traditions and practices so that the children are on a good path. While they are being taught and guided, a path must be created on which they can read good literatures, obtain good habits, becomes good, cultured and knowledgeable.
Libraries must be established in every village. Parents and teachers were responsible to guide and train their children with care while the state is responsible to nurture the youngster to be loyal to the country and the people. That was why festivals like this were being held. Through this, children can be prevented from taking the wrong path due to social media or to become weak in education from addiction to games. The Children’s Literary Festival will create happiness for the children as well as opportunities to obtain knowledge.
Shan State Chief Minister Dr. Linn Htut then said in an effort to develop the basic socio-economic lives of ethnic nationals living in Shan State participating in the all-round development of the children who are the invaluable gem of the country’s future is implementing our state’s development.
Following the speeches, cultural dance troupes perform traditional dances and the opening ceremony concluded. —MNA

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