Int’l conference commemorates YGN University centenary

Date : 7 January, 2020


Jan 6
AN international conference to commemorate Yangon University’s centenary was held at the university yesterday and Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi delivered the opening speech.
In his speech, the Union Minister said the Ministry of Education has cooperated with Oxford Sayadaw Prof Dr Dhammasami of Shan State’s Buddhist Academy to organize the international conference. The topic focused on Remembering the Past and Ways Forward.
The Union Minister remarked that this highlights the importance of reviewing the past and present capabilities of education reforms to make better projects and policies in the future. He said the ministry’s policy is to establish an inclusive education system that doesn’t leave anyone behind.
The Union Minister said research and development are the lifeblood of the university and essential to sustainable economic growth and development for the nation. He said this is why they promote research integrity and motivation is important for carrying out research.
He said they began implementing a merit-based promotion system in 2018 and this has increased the inclusion of domestic and foreign research articles every year.
The Union Minister said Yangon University is planning to open course in ethnic literature research and they are encouraging ethnic literature and culture to flourish in all schools and universities.
He said seven universities each in Yangon and Mandalay have been granted autonomous university status. He said they are encouraging teacher and student associations and rectors committees to become more skilled and developed. He said they support constructive thinking and perspectives and to implement the core values of goals. He said youths will be hard pressed to find jobs without these skills in the 21st Century.
The Union Minister said peace is instrumental to national development and crucial for the success of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the NESP 2021-2030. He urged everyone to cooperate to make Yangon University a flagship academic institution of the nation as it heads towards its 100th anniversary on 1 December 2020. Next, three domestic and foreign sayadaws read documents. The international conference began yesterday and continues toady and will feature 6 documents being read by professor sayadaws and experts.—MNA

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