More than 900,000 students sit for matriculation exam on seventh day

Date : 19 March, 2020


March 18

A total of 904,794 students sat for the exams of Biology and Economics subjects at local and foreign exam centres on the seventh day of the matriculation exam for 2020.

For Biology subject, 203,630 students sat for the exam at 10 foreign centres and 1,777 local exam centres.

For Economics subject, 701,164 students took the exam at five foreign exam centres and local 1,972 exam centres.

Out of 203,630 Biology students, there were 59 students who took their exams at hospitals, two students with hearing impairments, 24 students with disabilities, 11 students who took their exams at prisons, and 53 students from Myawady.

Out of 701,146 Economics students, there were 132 students who took their exams at hospitals, 20 students with hearing impairments, 30 students with hearing impairments, 148 students with disabilities, 180 prisoners, and 72 students from Myawady. —MNA

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