Finland takes over as co-facilitator for ETVSCG

Date : 30 April, 2020


April 29

Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi participated in 14th online meeting for the Education & TVET Sector Coordination Group (ETVSCG) at 2 pm yesterday.

The meeting was joined by the deputy minister, directors-general, deputy permanent secretaries, deputy directors-general, the permanent secretaries and directors-general of ministries associated with education, and representatives from development affiliated organizations.

The Union Minister first thanked all the meeting participants and Australia for their role as Co-Facilitator in ETVSCG and welcomed Finland who will be taking up the role.

He said the current pandemic is a big challenge for the Ministry of Education and they are working to overcome it, especially the students, their parents and teachers to respond in emergency manners to COVID-19; this meeting will discuss using digital education system to accomplish that.

The ministry discussed three prioritize plans for resolving challenges caused by COVID-19 and will use digital technology to implement them in a short time period.

The Union Minister said the first plan is to establish the Myanmar Digital Education Platform (MDEP) to teach teachers about the new Grade 4, 7 and 10 textbooks and teacher training for education colleges.
He said MDEP will assist students and parents for the coming academic year and will expand into areas without ICT access and low development. He said they will begin e-Learning with DBE Box, TV Education Channel, DVD, computer, laptop and tablet.

He said they are negotiating with communication companies to deliver online and e-learning training by using mobile phones. The second plan is to open a free online library under the MDEP platform.
The Union Minister said reading materials are planned to be uploaded to e-library website and app through mobile phone access. He said the third plan is to cooperate with educational development affiliated organizations to compile the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Plan (2020-2021).
He said the education sector will be divided into short, middle and long term sections to be compiled together. He said the 3 priority action plans will be implemented and urged cooperation on areas that need education in line with Comprehensive Education Development Plan.

Next, Co-Facilitator Ms Riikka Laatu, Ambassador of Finland to Myanmar, said they will cooperate with affiliated organizations for the 3 action plans and Director-General U Ko Lay Win of Basic Education Department explained the priority plans using PowerPoint slides.

This was followed by TVET Department Director-General Dr Aye Myint and UNESCO representative Ms Min Jeong Kim explained future plans. The Union Minister then delivered the closing speech. —MNA

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