Union Education Minister joins online meeting of Global Partnership for Education

Date : 9 May, 2020

pho 1

pho 1
Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi joined online meeting of ministers on the Global Partnership for Education on 7 May.
The meeting was aimed to mitigate difficulties in access to education during the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.
Myanmar became a member of GPE in 2018.
In the topic about education and sustainability discussed by the ministers of GPE member countries, the Union Minister held talks on US$73 million grant jointly presented by the GPE and the World Bank, teachers training courses in summer vacation and education reform programmes with new curriculum.
He also discussed the establishment of Myanmar Digital Education Platform (MDEP) could benefit to the teachers from the government sector, monastic education, and nationally certified schools. The MDEP will be helpful to the teachers of ethnic languages, volunteer teachers, and will be possible for opportunities of e-learning.\The Union Minister also explained DBE Boxes for far-flung areas, trial tests of education channels and the need of technical assistance for this project.
The short term project of MDEP is intended for conducting teacher training courses, trainings for teaching-learning methods of new curriculum, online library for teachers and parents. Its long term objectives is to support e-learning for online and offline for life-long studying beyond face to face learning.
Dr Myo Thein Gyi explained implementation of education guidelines by the State Counsellor to promote gender equality in education sector. The ministers of member countries made discussions on general equality, harm reduction for women and ways for overcoming detriment to education during the COVID-19 pandemic.— MNA

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