Second Myanmar Universities’ Research Conference concludes

Date : 29 June, 2020


June 27

The Second Myanmar Universities’ Research Conference 2020 was concluded 27 June with the roundtable discussion, awarding programme and closing ceremony held online from the office of the Yangon Rectors Committee.
The topic of the discussion was ‘Quality Research Towards Prosperity of the Nation’ and led by DrPadetha Tin, a senior scientist from US-based NASA agency, together with Prof DrNilarKyu of Yangon University’s Psychology Department, Prof DrMyoMyint of Mandalay Technological University’s Electronic Engineering Department, Associate Prof DrSoeSoeHtwe of Yangon University of Medicine (2)’s Mechanical Engineering Department, and Prof DrThein Min Htike of Yangon Technological University’s Mechanical Engineering Department.
A Q&A session followed the roundtable discussion after which the awarding ceremony was held. The Chairman of the National Education Policy Commission, DrMyoKywel, and officials handed over gifts to the roundtable participants and then read the list of research paper submitters who won awards.
Next, Union Minister for Education DrMyoTheinGyi, in his capacity as Patron of the Central Committee for Organizing the Second Myanmar Universities’ Research Conference 2020, delivered an address from online. He thanked Rectors Committee Chairman DrZawWaiSoe, the organizing committee’s Chairman Dr. HtinZawSoe and officials for organizing the conference from 25 to 27 June. He also thanked DrPadetha Tin, DrLiviuMatei of Central European University and Prof DrAungTunThet for their participation online.
There were 134 people who read research papers on 9 subjects and 16 posters who discussed, and the Union Minister thanked them and all the attendees for the eager participation. Afterwards, DrMyoKywel delivered the address for the closing speech and DrZawWaiSoe delivered a speech of gratitude.

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