Union Minister for Education calls for development of competitive human resources

Date : 17 September, 2020


August 16

Union Minister for Education Dr Myo Thein Gyi joined the ASEAN High-Level Ministerial Conference on Human Resources Development held on 15 and 16 September, and emphasized the need of competitive human resources. In his discussion, the Union Minister said that the young persons are now facing technology development, globalization, climate changes and changing labour market, and he also remarked the youth needs to learn the importance of human resources development which has competitive advantages for securing decent jobs, how to become a good citizen, coordination, responsibility, accountability and initiative. The Union Minister also discussed the needs of capacity for problem solving to tackle challenges from technology development, learning, communications, personality and social affairs which have become fundamentals for private sector development, including small and medium scaled businesses. He also concluded that quality education, and technical and vocational education could fulfil the need of labour market, while knowledge, quality and skills must be applied in jobs. The Union Minister also took part in the question and answer session of the panel discussions. The conference also announced the ASEAN Declaration on Human Resources Development for the Changing World of Work.

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